I really enjoy public speaking!  My talks usually cover the following subjects:


1. Growing and selling businesses, my top ten tips to running a successful business, building brands, Intellectual property (patents and trademarks), finding and keeping the right team and the importance of collaboration. I co-founded the Gro Company, which grew from zero to £13 million turnover in 10 years. 

2. Book Readings.  I love reading my children's stories in schools. I was recently asked to spend the day at Stoke Fleming Primary School in Devon and had a wonderful day with the children and teachers. 

"A huge thank you for this morning, we were all very inspired by your talk and thoroughly enjoyed listening to your stories.  It was a great success across each class, we do hope you will visit us again."    Andrea Hall, Stoke Fleming Primary

3. Waking Up - spiritual awakenings.  After my very unexpected nudge awake on the M5 in 2011, I am now giving talks to anyone or to groups who may in interested in philosophy, religion, theology, metaphysics or the study of consciousness. 

My aim is to leave my audiences entertained, inspired, so that they hopefully head off thinking about life in a different way.  Everything is possible, but our beliefs shape our lives in ways we often are not even aware of.  Once our 'software' is loaded in childhood, it can take quite a traumatic event to disrupt our programming. 80% of people having spiritual openings have just been through a major life trauma, like near death experiences, loss of a loved one, serious health issues or in my case, divorce.


I hope to de-mystify what a spiritual awakening is really like and show how it's happening to so many people right now across the planet. Things are changing - we are slowly waking up and this is how the world will heal - one conscious awake person at a time.


If you would like me to come and give a talk at your business, school, university or organization, please email me:  

I am also a proud Community Ambassador for the charity 'Mary's Meals' and give talks around Devon and Cornwall. Please get in touch if you would like me to come and talk about this incredible charity that feeds 1.2 million children a day at school, mostly in Africa. It costs about £10 a year to feed a child one meal at school, so a small amount of money goes a very long way.  



Recent clients


  • University of Exeter – Business faculty and One World MBA

  • University of Plymouth – Futures Centre

  • Devonport School for Boys

  • South Devon College

  • Kelly College

  • Teignbridge District Council

  • Cosmic Training

  • Rotary and Round Table Groups

  • Mid-Devon Business Forum

  • Enterprise Festival – Cornwall Unlocking Potential (Keynote speaker)

  • Outset - Torbay


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