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We are all rainbows!

I haven’t met anyone yet who doesn’t love a rainbow! Just the sight of that beautiful arch of blending colours is enough to create a magical mindful moment for all those who see it. The mind stops for a short while and we switch into ‘wonder’ mode.

As we all know rainbows are wonderful optical illusions caused by the sunlight refracting through each drop of water to create the appearance in our eyes of all those colours.

But I think the rainbow is a very good metaphor for us, this beautiful planet and the three-dimensional universe.

There is One light powering all things.

This light goes by so many names. God. Love. The Infinite Creator. The Great Spirit. The One. Ultimately names don’t matter. They are just mental concepts and strange noises our voice boxes make!

This incredible loving and intelligent light is refracted into infinite forms, colours and shapes. The quantum field is therefore like a prism in which the One light shines through to create us and this Universe.

We can’t see this light directly with our eyes, but it’s there all the time. It has to be or we would not have this experience at all.

Our sun and all the other suns that we call stars are like glimpses of this One light. In medieval times some people thought that at night time there was a large black blanket between this world and heaven. In this blanket were little pinpricks and the light that shone through was actually the light of heaven.

Of course this is dismissed as nonsense now because we know that we are looking at suns. But in a way I think they were right, as the light that comes from all suns is the One light coming from its source. And black holes are doorways back to the One light.

So my friends, this means we are all beautiful rainbows! All beautiful optical and spiritual illusions of the One light.

My rainbow honours your rainbow!

May we all remember that we are all so loved by this One light, which sustains and maintains this beautiful life.

May we all remember that we are this One light.

Much love

Rob xxx

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