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The Golden Lake

Imagine there is a lake that stretches out as far as the eye can see. The lake is a beautiful golden shimmering colour.

The surface of the lake is completely still. There is a feeling of total peace in and around the lake.

But in a moment of beautiful curiosity, a huge planet starts to emerge very slowly up out of the Golden Lake and rises up.

All we can see is a beautiful golden globe. It rises up and drifts off into the sky until it goes out of sight. Then more and more planets start to appear out of the Golden Lake and rise up and disappear. Something wonderful is happening. The universe is appearing.

Next two little heads appear on the surface of the Golden Lake and as the heads rise up we see a face and then a neck and then a back and arms and a torso and legs and feet.

Two golden human forms standing on the surface of the Lake. Almost looking like two golden Oscars! From the outside these figures are just beautiful golden shimmering shapes of light.

But inside this sheath of light there are two human beings. And their eyes are very selective about what they can see and perceive.

They do not see the golden shimmering light. They just see another human looking back at them. They wave at each other and look up to the sky and see a beautiful planet, which in their eyes looks green and blue. They do not see the golden shimmering light that is around this beautiful planet, that they call Earth.

They have forgotten where they came from. They cannot remember the Golden Lake.

They cannot see the sparkling golden energy that is emanating from everything around them.

It is a strange experience to forget who they really are. But they have many adventures on Earth. Some are full of joy and some are full of pain but there is something that never changes.

They are always aware of being aware.

This golden light is awareness.

This golden light is consciousness.

This golden light is the source of all things.

Some people call this golden light God. Names don’t matter. Words don’t matter.

Imagine a world where every human being sees the golden light emanating from every body.

Imagine looking at every animal, every plant, every tree and seeing just this glowing light.

It would change everything in an instant. There would be no illusion of separation anymore.

This is where the human race is heading. This is where many other races have already been, many many aeons ago. It’s all part of our evolution. All part of our grand hero’s journey back Home, even though we never really left Home! (That’s the cosmic joke!)

So why not give yourself this vision right now. Just close your eyes and imagine this vast Golden Lake stretching out as far as the eye can see.

Imagine yourself and another person rising up through the surface of this lake, paved in golden shimmering light. You wave at each other and you just know that you are connected at the most fundamental deep and beautiful level.

Always have been and always will be.


  • Rob Holmes (Reminderer)

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