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The doughnut!

Once upon a time there was a ring doughnut.

He liked being a doughnut and he got used to having a hole in the middle of himself. There was something missing but he just couldn’t put his finger on it.

It was funny, but all the other doughnuts that were attracted to him were also ring doughnuts. They also felt that something was missing but they didn’t know what.

Then one day he had a realisation.

He was looking for that missing part of him in other donuts. And the other doughnuts we’re also looking to find their missing part from him. No-one seemed to have any jam! It was a fruitless search!

Then he had another realisation.

Why did he feel empty inside? What was missing?

And then it hit him.

He had forgotten to love himself fully.

He had forgotten to forgive himself fully.

He had forgotten to love all the parts of himself, however strange and flawed they seemed.

So in that moment he decided to love himself fully and forgive himself for anything that he thought he had done wrong in the rest of his life. Then something strange happened.

He turned into a jam doughnut!

The hole just disappeared. And in the middle was just this wonderful warm, gooey feeling of love, peace and freedom.

This felt a bit strange at first because the jam doughnut was so used to being a ring doughnut! But after a little time this felt much more natural. He felt a lot happier and more grateful.

And something else started to happen too.

He just didn’t seem to meet any ring doughnuts anymore. It was like they had disappeared. He only seem to be attracting other jam doughnuts.

And just like him, they seemed just really quite happy in themselves. This was quite a revelation. He wasn’t looking to them for anything and they were not looking to him for anything.

They could just be jam doughnuts together!

(We all love a sweet ending!)

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