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New book sales record!!

Just back from an awesome school visit at Compton Primary School in Plymouth. I had such a lovely day. The teachers and children were amazing. At lunchtime one of the teachers gave me what I thought were all the orders, which were six envelopes for six books and I thought okay no problem, that’s cool.

Then an hour later they handed me a whole wad of envelopes which they had to keep safe in their school safe!

So today I have sold 71 books! That smashes my previous record of 44 books. It really blows my mind. 🤯. Tomorrow over 70 families in Plymouth will have my books in the homes.

It really is such a privilege to be able to do this work. I’m very grateful to the Universe for giving me the idea for Master Owl 🦉❤️ and to my good friend Stan in America for suggesting selling the books at the schools.

I think I might treat myself to an Indian takeaway tonight! Living the dream 🙏 Xx

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