I am super excited to announce the publication of my first adult spiritual book called 'Metaphors to Freedom'. At the moment, it's just available on Kindle. This is a collection of all my favourite posts and inspired writings.

Since my 'nudge awake' in 2011, my spirit guides have been teaching me using metaphors. Metaphors are excellent rafts across a river of understanding and like a raft, you can leave them behind once you reach the understanding.

Like a finger pointing to the moon, these metaphors are only the finger and not the actual moon, but I hope they help to lead you in the right direction towards the moon, towards freedom.

Freedom from suffering. Freedom from the belief we are a separate body in a universe of separate things. Freedom from the amnesia of who and what we truly are... which is a glorious clump of Divine love and light!

I hope you enjoy the book.

Much love and gratitude.

Rob xxx

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