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Master Owl’s mindfulness tour begins!!

I had an amazing day. Today was the start of Master Owl’s mindfulness tour in local primary schools and I was at Yealmpton Primary School all day. I was very impressed with the Head and the school had a lovely vibe to it.

I read my Master Owl story to each year group and taught them a basic introduction to mindfulness. The children were amazing. They listened so well. They practised noticing their breath going in and out through their nose. They practised feeling their belly rising up and down with each breath. They felt their body in contact with the floor. And they listened to noises outside of themselves.

I asked the children how they felt after just seven minutes of mindfulness and they used words like peaceful, calm, happy and soft. Bless their hearts. I feel like I have armed them with the ability to find some inner peace whenever they need it, which is amazing (and so needed in this busy, noisy world).

It really struck me today that we all have this beautiful breathing rhythm inside us that we mostly don’t notice. It’s like our way back to the present moment.

And thanks to a recommendation from a friend in the US who does school visits and reads books as well, I gave the parents a chance to pre-order a Master Owl book. I was blown away to sell 35 books today! Each one signed and dedicated to a child.

I thought I might sell a couple at best! I was so pleased. So tonight 35 households now have a Master Owl book in them and a guide to mindfulness. I asked the children not only to practice a ‘magical mindful moment’ themselves but to also teach their siblings and parents too! Everybody needs an reminder to rejoin the Here and Now.

I have more school visits coming up in the next few weeks. If you would like me to visit your South Devon primary school, send me a message. I have already posted out a letter to 56 schools. But a little nudge from the parents would be helpful as well!

Master Owl’s mindfulness tour got off to a cracking start!

Onwards and upwards 🙏❤️

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