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Hello friends, today I want to talk about the Soul. If you are reading this, you probably already know we are a Soul having a blessed human experience, but what really is a ‘Soul’ and what’s its purpose?

I am going to use a series of metaphors that my Spirit Guides have given me over the years to try and explain this. Remember that metaphors are ultimately disposable, like a raft that gets you across a river. They are not the truth, but they hint at the truth. Like a signpost, they will hopefully point both of us in the right direction.

So, what is a Soul?

I see it as a beautiful shiny clump of consciousness! A paradox of individual but also universal and connected, all at the same time. A spark of the Divine, a spark of God. Whole and complete, but also curious, on a grand adventure across space, dimensions and time.

I like to imagine my Soul as being a glorious bright light at the hub of a huge bicycle wheel. Each spoke is powering a different life experience that my Soul is having.

There is another bright blob of light at the end of each spoke, which in this metaphor, is the power cable from the Soul to my human self. This ‘Rob Holmes’ character is currently connected to a human body, typing on a computer and is just one of those blobs of light.

Sometimes people ask me if I believe in ‘re-incarnation’, but the term ‘re-incarnation’ suggests a process of linear time. It hints at me being in a body, dying and leaving the body, having a little rest and then going back into another body – out though the birth canal into another grand adventure.

But time is actually non-linear. It appears linear to us on planet earth in the third/early fourth dimension, where we are now, but actually everything is happening at the same moment. Please see my next post, where I will talk about time!

Therefore I believe in ‘incarnation’, because from my understanding, my Soul is having multiple life experiences, which from it’s perspective in a higher dimension, are all happening simultaneously.

Our human minds start to blow up at this point, so take a deep breath and come back to your body!!

This means that if I shift over into the hub of my Soul’s amazing bicycle wheel and look down each spoke, my Soul is having multiple human experiences on planet Earth across many hundreds of thousands of years of linear time.

One of them is a human with the family name ‘Rob Holmes’. I like Rob Holmes – he is a lovely kind chap! And quite brave to be having this waking up experience and risk looking like a crazy person!!

Thankfully 2021 is a time where in most countries of the world, we can speak out about spiritual experiences without a fear of humiliation or death. I am sure we have all been burned at the stake and drowned a few times, which is why some of us are fearful about standing in our own truth and speaking up.

I know from having readings with mediums, that my Soul is currently also having many other lives, not ‘past lives’, which suggests linear time, but lives, all happening in the eternal Now.

My last life (in linear time) was as a British pilot in WW2, flying spitfires. My name was Thomas Levine.

Two years ago, I met a very special little boy, aged 3 years old. Many children being born now do not have the total amnesia that most people my generation had – they remember other lives. Memories of other lives ‘bleed’ through to this life.

The very first time I met this little boy, he called me ‘Ace’. No-one has ever called me that before in this life and no-one told him to call me that. The plain and simple fact is that he recognised me.

I since found out that we were both pilots together in WW2. I was an ace pilot. We were on a mission together but his plane was hit and he crashed and died in the sea. I was so upset to see my best friend die and felt I could have done more to protect him, I thought of ditching my plane and taking my own life, but I decided not to.

I know this is true, because without saying anything to this little boy, totally unprompted, he said to his Mum while she was driving her car “I don’t want to go in an aeroplane again”. She asked why. He replied “because if the plane crashes I will not see Ace again.” Although ironically, he need not have worried – he met me in this life!

It’s amazing to be re-united with this Soul, powering this little boy’s body and life-force. It goes without saying, we love each other very much. Always have, always will.

Viewed from my Soul’s perspective, there is a blob of light at the end of one of the spokes and it’s a human called Thomas, being an ace pilot and being extremely brave.

Now I know why I have always had a fascination with planes. When I hear the sound of those Merlin engines on a Spitfire fly-past, I tear up. It gives me such a tingle. I am feeling the emotions rise as I am typing. That’s another sign that something is true – emotions don’t lie – they arise spontaneously. Pay attention to what your emotions are telling you!!

There are many other human lives I know about; like being a shaman in the Ural mountains in the 1800s, being a monk on an island off the coast of Scotland in the 1400s, living in a strict religious community one time and another life being a Christian crusader in Europe. All still happening Now, from my Soul’s perspective.

And just like the bicycle tyre links up the end of each spoke, each life is magically connected together to provide my Soul with all the experiences it desires for its growth and understanding of love.

That’s what I believe it’s all about.

Learning about the nature of unconditional love.

The power of forgiveness.

The potency of honesty.

And just the incredible beauty of witnessing planet Earth and no doubt other planets across the infinite Universe.

We don’t just have human lives. Let’s face it, if the whole universe and every life-form is available to Soul, across space and time, how dull would it be just playing the role of human in each life! How about being a dolphin or a tree?!

Did you think humans were the only intelligent Beings in the Universe? Thank God we are not and thank God there are other Beings far more advanced than Homo-sapiens in the 21stcentury of Earth time. We are also having lives as these more advanced life-forms in higher dimensional planes of existence. Our Souls are AMAZING!

I once asked my Spirit friend called Maitland about the character of each Soul and she gave me a brilliant analogy. She said to think about the actor Dustin Hoffman.

In each film he acts in, from The Graduate, Tootsie to Rainman, you always know it’s Dustin Hoffman playing each role. Not that I am saying he’s a bad actor, he’s brilliant, but there is this unmistakable aspect of him on show in each role.

Maitland explains that like Dustin, each Soul has a unique character, flavour and vibrational frequency. Each soul is as unique as a snow flake or finger print. In fact, in the fifth dimension and above, each Soul recognises each other through this unique resonance, not through a shape or form. A Soul has no form. It’s formless.

When I tune into my Soul, I feel that it has the same characteristics as I do in this ‘Rob Holmes’ life. Fun, playful, creative, loyal, brave, loving, very interested in how time works and curious to discover spiritual truths.

I have also heard about one physical characteristic that is unique to each Soul, that shows up in every life as a conscious Being - the eyes.

There is this saying that ‘eyes are gateways to the Soul’, but what if this is literally true?! What if we have gazed into these same set of eyes in other lives? I think that’s partly how we recognise our Soul family, through the eyes and through our hearts.

The musician Melissa Etheridge wrote an amazing song about this, called ‘I’ve loved you before’ on her album titled ‘Awakening’.

“When I think of how you know me, No doubts no thinking twice. When your smile can be so soothing, A familiar paradise. When there's no one else that makes me whole I am never needing more I get this feeling that I have loved you before

Were we lovers in an army, Marching all for Rome. Side by side in battle, Did we bravely leave our home? Did I hold you in my arms, As you were taking your last breath? Did shout to all the gods, That I would love you beyond death? I swear I've loved you before.

Have I wandered through the desert? Have I looked to the north star? Have I rode the days and nights on rails, To get back where you are? And every time I found you It's your eyes I know for sure.”

For me, a person’s eyes are their most important physical attribute. They say so much about a person. It’s how I recognise my Soul family, through their eyes, a unique gateway to each Soul. And when you gaze into the eyes of another person, you can literally see yourself in their eyes, reflected back and feel that beautiful, eternal connection between you.

That’s the magic of Soul.

This brings me neatly onto my next topic – Soul Family. There are so many fascinating books about Soul families. My favourite is ‘Your Soul’s Plan’ by author Robert Schwartz. Through decades of work with clients in hypnotherapy, he helped shine a light on the way each Soul plans an ‘incarnate’ life and works with other Souls in the planning process.

Just like all of nature, be it animals or plants, we hang out in family groups. We have fun in planning out our lives, with each Soul taking turns to be the different family members. Just like touring for years with a great theatre company, we all get to try the different roles and genders!

Close Soul family members are the close members of your family, like parents and children, as well as close friends. Some Souls, if they really love us, agree to come into our human lives as the villain, which I know can be hard to understand from a 3D perspective. The big lessons are planned out at a Soul level and then in we go, out of our mums to begin another exciting adventure…

For a visual metaphor of Soul families, I always see a huge chandelier.

Imagine the grandest building you can, with a huge sweeping staircase and in the centre is a massive multi-layered crystal chandelier. At the top closest to the ceiling is one huge circle, from which smaller and smaller circles of lights hang down from.

Let’s say at the bottom of the chandelier there is one circle and it has 10 lights on it, that is like each Soul Family. Ten Souls that we love very dearly and hang out together with in different lives. That group of ten Souls is then connected above to an even larger group of Souls. The higher up the chandelier you go, it’s like the higher the dimensional plane, where ‘individual’ Souls all merge into bigger and bigger Soul groups or collectives.

(If you have read ‘The Law of One’, as described by Ra, these collectives are known as ‘Social Memory Complexes’. Well worth reading this material if you are interested in finding out facts, like who built the pyramids and why!?)

And of course, all the lights (Souls) on this metaphorical chandelier are all powered by the same electricity, the One power source that powers everything in all the Universes. I call this power ‘God’, but not in the religious sense, just as my name for the One Infinite Creator that we are all part of, that we are all forged from and birthed from.

Ultimately then this makes every living Being on our planet, Soul Family. This makes everyone our ‘Soul Mate’, in the widest possible sense. It’s just that some Souls are nearer and dearer to us, so we feel that love more powerfully when we meet them.

It’s such good practice to take this unconditional love (which is the only real form of love) that we feel for our children and close family or friends and radiate this love out to all people we meet.

To the person at the supermarket checkout.

To the person at the McDonalds drive through payment window.

To the person who stabbed me in the back and nearly made my business close. (He will probably never read this article, but I love you! Thank you for showing me how strong I am).

Beam them all unconditional love.

They will feel it, I guarantee. It’s the most powerful force in the Universe, because it’s the underlying force that powers the so-called physical world.

One last metaphor, before I wrap this up - The Power Station.

Imagine there is a huge power station, producing giga watts of electricity. Out from the power station runs thousands of electrical cables, which get smaller and smaller until there is one little 5 watt lightbulb at the end of a tiny wire, like the ones we used to have in bicycle lamps before they all went LED.

Thankfully the electrical power is stepped down so much, that just a small dribble of electricity is powering the little lightbulb. Too much power and the lightbulb would explode!

This is how I see our Souls, like an amazing power station of love and light, with energy radiating out in all directions. And at the end of these cables, these spokes of the wheel, is each Soul’s manifested life, as in ‘you’ and ‘me’. But only a very small amount of our Soul’s power is in each human body. Just enough to produce the life spark, but not too much to blow us up!

If you imagine, us, as these beautiful light bulbs, while we are connected to our Soul power station, every millisecond of every experience we have is stored at a Soul level. Our physical brains do run some useful functions for our bodies, but it’s my understanding that all our memories are stored in the cloud, in our Soul’s library. I think of our brain as a radio transmitter and receiver, constantly uploading and downloading information from our Soul and Spirit Guides.

We are all incredible, powerful, multi-dimensional Souls. Once created from Source energy, Souls are eternal. And when this electrical energy of love and light is withdrawn from these physical bodies at what we call ‘death’, the only thing that is ‘dying’ is the mortal body.

From our Soul’s perspective, nothing has happened. Life continues on. The adventures never cease. All time is happening simultaneously.

The withdrawal of our Soul’s electricity actually only appears to happen within linear time, so that we don’t get to interact with the body of the person who ‘died’ for the rest of our linear time in a body.

Time plays tricks with our minds and perspectives. I will write my next blog about time, as it’s a big hobby of mine, how time works.

As each Soul learns and grows, I see it ascending up through the infinite number of dimensional planes, joining in collectives with millions of other Souls, to fully re-join Source, to be fully remembered and totally and completely Home. At which point, we probably get to create a whole new Universe, with different rules and quirks and start the whole adventure again!

I want to finish by saying that I honour your Soul and your Soul’s journey. Wherever you are in life, you are on track and in just the right place.

And if you are suffering right now, I am sending you my love and a big hug and a reminder that your suffering might just be the very necessary mud that produces the most beautiful lotus flower, awakening you to your true spiritual essence.

Remembering who and what you really are.

You are an immensely powerful creator Being.

Thank you to your Soul for guiding you to read this article.

I feel the love between us, or as we say on Earth, I love you!

Remember to take this human life lightly, with deep reverence and practice daily or even hourly gratitude for the absolute miracle that allows you to be aware of these words in this Now moment.

That awareness is who and what we really are.

A beautiful and eternal blob of consciousness, that we like to call Soul.

Blessings to you.

Rob xxx

By Rob Holmes – April 2021

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