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Hole and Whole

Hello friends. I hope you are well and that the build up to Christmas is going smoothly?

I wanted to share something with you that I’m going through all this year. It’s about the seesaw ride between the 3D and the 5D.

3D being the very physical, linear material world of the human being.

5D being the realm of pure love, peace and eternal time.

Let’s say 3D is on the left-hand side of the seesaw. When we swing to far this way, we can suffer. Living with the belief that we are nothing more than these flesh and bones, that the world is an unfair place, that there are not enough resources to go around and that life is pretty meaningless - all are hallmarks of what I would call ‘The Deep Forgetting’. The Ego is running the show and it’s never happy!!

Sitting on this side of the seesaw, we have a tendency as humans to look outside of us for love, appreciation and approval. This is because we feel we have a hole in our heart. Something seems to be missing. This usually comes as a result of our childhoods. It’s not our fault or our parents’ fault, it’s just part of the software program that we have as a human.

I always love that quote from Byron Katie; “If I had a prayer, it would be: Dear God please save me from the desire for love, approval and appreciation. Amen”.

By contrast if we swing too far to 5D we are in danger of flying high with the fairies! We can become un-grounded, not embodied and it’s easy to end up with a case of ‘spiritual bypassing’.

But what is fantastic about this 5D side of the seesaw is that we feel completely WHOLE. We know we are made of love. We know that everything is in its rightful place. We know there is a guiding intelligence behind all things. We know we are all illuminated by the same One light.

So, my challenge this year has been to find balance on my seesaw between the 3D and 5D. To find balance between ‘Hole’ and ‘Whole’. Of course, the truth is there never was a hole and when we start to remember who and what we truly are, the illusionary hole ceases to be experienced.

Therefore, it’s a good idea to take a moment every day to do this balancing.

To notice when we are out of alignment with our true selves.

To notice when we have been plunged down into the 3D, being pushed around by our desires and unconscious wounds.

So much of this waking up journey is simply to notice more. Notice that we are hunting for something, which in truth we already have! Notice where we are becoming obsessed with needing something in order to make us feel okay.

The great mystical writer Rumi had this wonderful word of warning for us. “Be suspicious of what you want”.

Again, it just comes down to noticing and then sending yourself a big hug and lots of self-love.

Wishing you a wonderful balance in life.

Wishing you a powerful winter solstice.

Wishing you a peaceful Christmas.

Wishing the whole world, a transformational 2021.

Much love

Rob xxx

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