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Defrosting your fridge

Hello friends. I hope this posting finds you well? Today I felt inspired to write about the transformative power of unconditional love and forgiveness...

It can be so challenging and confusing experiencing life through a human body and one of the reasons for this is our emotions! Wonderful, aren’t they...

But what are emotions? E-motion. Simply energy in motion.

We all know that some of these ‘energies in motion’ feel amazing:

Love. Joy. Excitement. Gratitude. Peace. Happiness. They are all high frequency energies.

And some of these 'energies in motion' don’t feel so amazing:

Sadness. Grief. Rage. Anger. Jealously. Despair. Shame. Guilt. They are all sticky low frequency energies.

No right or wrong, no good or bad energies, just different frequencies. That’s all. Time to let go of judgments about different emotions. They all serve a purpose. They are all a unique facet of the full human experience.

So humans have a natural tendency to seek out the more enjoyable emotions and avoid, bury and suppress the unpleasant emotions. But the trouble is that if you suppress, bottle and push down these lower frequency emotions, they haven’t gone anywhere and they can cause all sorts of problems in our lives. They want to be in motion - not stuck!

In fact I believe that suppressed low frequency emotions are the cause of conditions like depression, the clue of which is in the name – de-pressed ‘energies in motion’. I believe stored anger may be one factor in causing cancer.

Have you ever heard of the simple experiment you can do with some cooked rice in a sealed glass jar? Write the label LOVE on one jar and every day send love to the rice. Then write the label HATE on another jar in the opposite corner of your kitchen and sent hate and harsh words to the rice. I have done this and the HATE rice goes black and moldy much more quickly than the LOVE rice.

This goes to show that the energy of hate and anger can be very destructive, for us, for others and for the trillions of cells that make up our bodies.

So I see these suppressed lower frequency emotions inside us, like a build up of ice in a fridge. And just like a fridge, it’s best practice to have a regular defrosting practice!

This is a pure self-love, self-forgiveness practice. Nothing melts sadness and anger more that unconditional love and forgiveness.

So please get comfortable, place your hand over your heart chakra in the center of your chest and take three long and deep breathes.

Now say to yourself: Sadness, you are welcome.

Breath into the emotion of sadness, if you feel it arising from deep inside you. You will know if you start to feel tearful.

Let the tears flow. It’s the ice melting.

Tears are actually little droplets of love.

You can say: Thank you sadness for showing up. Thank you for letting me know how much I love myself and others. Thank you for letting me know how much I care. Thank you sadness. I forgive myself for pushing sadness back down in the past. I know I was doing the best I could at the time. And now it’s time to let the tears flow and the sadness to come up for air.

Release and let go. You will feel so much better after a good cry. Like the fresh air after a thunderstorm has passed through.

On another time, settle yourself and say to yourself: Anger, you are welcome.

Breath into the emotion of anger, if you feel it arising from deep inside you. You will know it if you start to shake a little.

It’s powerful energy, anger, so go gently. Let the earthquake build slowly. You might want to go and release that anger safely if there is a lot there. I use a baseball bat on the sofa cushions! No-one gets hurt but it helps me to release any stored anger or rage. Throwing stones into the sea is helpful, as is digging holes in your garden.

Handwrite a letter to those you are angry with and then burn the letters. Don’t post them. Anger is an energy for you to resolve.

The ‘energy in motion’ that we call anger let’s us know that others have not met our expectations of care that we desired.

You can say: Thank you anger for showing up. Thank you for letting me know that I have been feeling hurt. I forgive myself for pushing anger back down in the past. I know I was doing the best I could at the time to cope with the circumstances I found myself in.

Then slowly bring love and forgiveness to the people that triggered the anger in the first place.

The Ego doesn’t want to hear this, but in truth they were doing the best they could too, based on their genes and their childhood conditioning and programming.

As Jesus said on the cross, ‘Forgive them Father for they know not what they do’.

Unconscious behavior is unconscious. It’s not seen until it’s seen. So bringing loving kindness to your anger, your sadness, your fears, your regrets is like bringing the warmest, lightest energy to help defrost your fridge, your stored emotions. It can be very transforming.

Sadness, you are welcome.

Anger, you are welcome.

Make all emotions welcome, because what we resist we become.

If we resist sadness, we are always sad.

If we resist anger, we are always angry.

May you defrost, release and remember who you really are, what you really are.

Much love.

Rob xxx

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