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Back in action again!

Hello friends. After spending 10 days off with covid, it was great to be back at schools again. Yesterday I visited Loddiswell Primary School which is only 1km from my house - so lovely to meet the children at my closest school and 25 more books sold.

Then today I went back to Barton Hill Academy in Torquay because after my visit 2 weeks ago, more book orders came in. A lot more. 120 book orders! It took me 2 hours today sign and dedicate the books and I love that tonight, 120 homes will have Master Owl magic within their walls! 🦉❤️

Two more schools visits this week and five school visits next week! My diary is very full after having to postpone 4 schools while I was on my covid holiday. Thankfully it was mild but still feeling tired and needing time in bed to rest.

Really happy with my new pop up roller banner for my school visits! Roll up, roll up for Master Owl!!

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