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Hello friends. Hope you are all well.

I have just come back from a sailing holiday in beautiful Croatia. It was my first time on a plane or overseas for two years. It was a wonderful experience. Something about moving along over the water silently using the wind, it’s a beautiful thing! I would really like to spend the summers exploring the Eastern Mediterranean, when the time is right and I have a sailing partner! 🥰 Today I want to share with you a sailing metaphor about anchoring. In order to spend the night in a beautiful bay it’s important to make sure that the anchor is well caught and solid in the ground. This can take many attempts. But eventually when you reverse the boat back, the anchor catches and you are safety caught. Then if the waves come up or the wind blows up you should stay more or less in the same place. It strikes me that it’s so important as part of our spiritual journey to be anchored and grounded as best we can. So that when events occur in our lives and the emotions flow past like waves, that we are still able to be moved but part of us stays grounded and anchored. For me, being anchored feels like I am grounded in my own being. That I am connected to all things. That I am eternal. And who I really am can never be touched or diminished. Can you take a moment and a few deep breaths to feel grounded and anchored in your own being-ness. And it takes practice. Maybe every hour or at least once a day. Just taking a moment to connect into that deepest part of our self that is always okay. For me, being anchored also means being surrendered and trusting in life. But sometimes the storms are quite strong and it really does test our anchoring skills. On a boat, we have to be prepared to reset our anchor if it pulls loose. So we have to do the same sometimes. And that’s okay. So this is just a little reminder for myself and for you to take a moment to set your anchor deep into the ground and know that all is well. Much love to you all. Rob Xxx

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