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All contained within the Whole

Hello friends. I was just watching an interview of this chap trying to explain how we as humans are paradoxically one with God but feel very separate from God. Absolutely everything around us is the Divine in manifestation but with the software of forgetting and separation, most of us live in a state of complete confusion and illusion.

Then the metaphor of the Russian dolls just came into my head. You will know those wooden figures that fit into each other in ever reducing sizes. From the very smallest baby doll shape, everything is contained within the whole.

Everything is made of energy and this energy is all vibrating at different frequencies. Every frequency has a different experiential reality. A low frequency experience might be being an element, like iron. A medium frequency experience could well be what we are as human beings on planet Earth. A high-frequency experience is maybe what happens in the angelic realms.

So for the purposes of my metaphor, we as human beings are like the smallest baby doll inside the stack of dolls. From our perspective we can only see the outer edge of the next doll up that contains us, but there are many more bigger dolls that make up the whole.

So as the smallest doll we feel pretty separate and cut off from the rest of the dolls. In fact with the amnesia, we don’t even remember that there are bigger dolls outside of us.

So in reality, the only thing that gives us the feeling of separation is the gap in vibration between where we are at and where we will go.

But, just like the fact that all those dolls are actually all made of the same wooden material and they are all contained within the whole, we are the same. We are all powered by the same light, but the light exists in infinite different frequencies and vibrations.

Just to start the process of remembering who and what we truly are begins the thawing of the illusion that we are separate from all things.

We may feel a long way from Home but in reality it was not possible for us to leave Home.

Everywhere and everything is Home.

I like to say this as a daily affirmation.

‘Thank you God for being everything. Thank you for being this body. Thank you for being this beautiful planet. Thank you for being this incredible infinite universe. Thank you for being all dimensional plains of existence.’

How amazing. We are all powered by the same One light.

Remember with me.

Much love.

Rob 🙏❤️

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