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I was once driving along from my house to my nearest town which is only about 5 miles away and I was asking my spirit guides to try and explain how time works! It’s the sort of conversation I like to have with them!

I am deeply curious about time.

So, I was about halfway between my local town and my house and they said the following:

Behind me there were an infinite number of routes I could have taken from my house to get to this present moment. This was like ‘the past’.

In front of me there were an infinite number of routes I can take to reach my local town. My local town lies in ‘the future’.

And I happened to be conscious of one particular route I have taken to get to this Now moment and I don’t know which route I will be taking to reach my local town.

Maybe in the following five minutes I won’t even end up in my local town.

Maybe the car will break down.

Maybe the road will be blocked and I’ll have to take a different road.

Maybe I’ll have an urgent phone call and will head back home again.

There are infinite possibilities and probabilities for the future. We never know what we’re going to get. All we can say is that we are in the present Now moment.

But then just as I was feeling outside and above linear time, absorbing this metaphor, something really strange and magical happened.

My consciousness shifted and suddenly, I was not moving at all. I was in a fixed place and the road was moving underneath me, like the whole world was rolling past!

My first reaction was to burst out laughing! I call this ‘cosmic laughter’. It’s like the true energy of my Soul / God is laughing through me!

So, there I am, in a totally fixed place, with the world rolling by underneath me. All I had to do was move the steering wheel, to make sure I stayed on the road! It was like being in a driving simulator.

It was such an amazing way of understanding and experiencing that time is not real. What we really are, our Soul, is not fixed in linear time. Shifting my consciousness allowed me to experience this.

I can make this shift whenever I want. I just imagine the road rolling underneath me and it happens – I am not moving anymore.

I also do this sometimes when I am out walking. Perhaps try this first - I don’t want anyone to have an accident in their car!

I imagine I am walking on the spot and that the path is rolling past under my feet and it happens again – I am in a fixed spot.




Outside of linear time.

Albert Einstein once wrote: ‘People like us who believe in physics know that the distinction between past, present and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.’

Our software that believes we are living in linear time is hard to shake off, but this exercise puts a little glitch in the program.

Try it for yourselves! Have fun with it!

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