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Happy Easter!

Hello friends. How are you all doing? I am well and actually enjoying this lockdown, although it doesn’t feel very different to how I normally live! I am lucky enough to live in a quiet rural location with only a few neighbours and a good sized garden. So grateful to life. I really feel for all those people who have lost loved ones, who are ill with the virus or not able to sit in a garden. I can’t get over how amazing our UK spring weather is at the moment. It’s like Mother Earth is celebrating our lockdown and the almost complete lack of airplanes in our skies. Much has been said by people in the spiritual community about what the coronavirus means for all of us. Some say it’s about Mother Earth punishing us for how we treat her. That’s one way to look at it. I see it all as a massive lesson in cause and effect. From the physical dimension, in a sealed system like planet Earth, every action has a knock on effect somewhere else. If we pollute the environment and many animals get sick with a virus, then we farm the animals and eat them, what did we think would happen?! What you give out, you shall receive. This seems to be a Universal law. If you throw a boomerang with nails in it, it will hurt when it comes back and hits you in the head. If you throw a boomerang dipped in honey, it’s sweet when it comes back. So this gigantic ‘pause’ button that’s been pressed as a result of COVID-19 is giving us such an amazing opportunity to go within and think about the consequences of how we live, how we treat others and how we treat Mother Earth. I have read a few articles asking the question why we would want to go back to ‘normal’ once the virus has moved on. I agree. So much of our ‘normal’ is total short-term thinking madness. And I am totally complicit in living this comfortable western life. But this is a massive wake up call. I am growing my own veggies now and felt like a proud father when I saw the first green shoot today of a radish plant! It’s about time I started to be more self-sufficient and see the wonder of new growth and new ways of living. I thank the virus for giving us humans a chance to take a collective deep breath. That is not to say it’s not tragic, all the people who have died. But if we see the big picture and look a few generations ahead, many more millions of people will die from climate change and continued poverty, unless we change our unconscious ways of living life. From a consciousness perspective, this global pause is facilitating a huge shift in the vibration and frequency of our planet. I really feel that. Do you? Love spreads faster than any virus can. So many people are reaching out to their community like never before, helping others and thinking about what parts of the old ‘normal’ they want to let go of. This brings us all together in a heart centred way. Old divisions crumble. I just hope and pray this lockdown goes on long enough to break the old patterns but not so long we struggle re-starting the economy again. Although I worry about how much damage our economy does to widen the gap between the rich and poor and to damage the very planet we depend on for our human existence. Baby steps. I feel we are at least heading in the right direction and I am hopeful about our future. So sending you all my love at this very strange time. I would love to hear how you are doing? Wishing you all a happy Easter. Whatever your religious beliefs, let us celebrate new beginnings and eternal life. Take care. Stay safe. Make the most of this quiet time. Rob xxx (Remembering who we are) 

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