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Imagine living in a house all your life but having no memory of the fact that this house is actually your home. You see it around you every day but because of some kind of amnesia you have forgotten that this is your home. Imagine how homesick you might feel to look around you and not recognise your own home? It’s a pretty upsetting scenario and yet this is how so many billions of human beings have lived for so many thousands and thousands of years. It seems to me that our biggest cause of suffering in our human lives is this homesickness and seeing everything outside of us as separate from us. But in truth we are all part of consciousness and everything that we are aware of with our sense organs is all the same One consciousness. We are actually Home in every moment. We never left Home - we just forgot where and what our Home was. I am here to simply remind you of this truth that we never left Home. We are part of consciousness, part of God - a precious drop of Divinity from the golden lake. I have a way of reminding myself of this truth. Just hold up your hand in front of you, only holding out your thumb and little finger, with your three other fingers folded in. The thumb is looking over to the little finger, believing it’s separate and not connected. But in truth it’s all part of the same hand! And so it is with everything you can see in front of you right now! You are gazing at part of you. All connected. All One. Welcome Home, my dearest family. Love you. 🙏❤️ Rob Xxx 

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