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The wonder of Yogananda

Hello friends. I am having such a love affair with Paramhansa Yogananda! If you have not read ‘Autobiography of a Yogi’ then I encourage you to. It’s an incredible reminder of who we really are. There is also the wonderful documentary about his life and this is the trailer. I have been watching this at least twice a week since Christmas! So inspiring and so full of light. I will share one of my favourite quotes from the book. This is the voice of God, the Divine Mother, in a vision speaking to Yogananda. “What has life or death to do with Light? In the image of My Light I have made you. The relativities of life and death belong to the cosmic dream. Behold your dreamless being! Awake, my child, awake!” May we all wake up 🙏 Peace and love to you all. Rob xxx 

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