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Frozen light

There was once a very sad ice-cube. He felt alone. He felt abandoned. He didn’t know what he felt abandoned from. He just felt something was missing. Something he hadn’t been told. What was this missing information? And then one day, (a day he would never forget), he saw a cloud of hot steam coming from a kettle. He had a sudden and life changing realisation. He was made of the same stuff as steam. It was all water, just in different shapes and forms. Inside the ice cube, he started to melt. It was the love he remembered he was. He felt peaceful and happy. He would never believe in the story he was just an ice cube again. And so it is with humans. We are simply frozen light. Light that is vibrating at a lower frequency. Look around you now. It’s all frozen light, pretending to be your world. Everything is Light. Everything is God. Everything is Divine. And as light, we seemingly have many homes, but really it’s all the same Home. Just felt like reminding you all of this. Much love and light Rob xxx

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