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The rubber band

Hello friends. Here is a fun exercise for you to try. All you need is a rubber band! Some people might call them elastic bands but you know the ones that you can put in your hand and stretch between your thumb and your index finger. So once you have found an elastic band, stretch it out as hard as you can between your thumb and your index finger and hold it there for as many seconds as you can bear! And then let it go back to its natural state and just have it resting in the palm of your hand. Now take the elastic band and stretch it out again between your fingers. This is what it feels like when we believe that we are a human being, just a body, in a world of separate things and we believe all of the stories about our life. Sometimes the elastic band is not stretched too tight and life is okay and sometimes it feels like the elastic band is about to break when we are suffering greatly. But what are we suffering from? We are suffering from a belief in what our mind tells us that we are. But what is our true nature, before mind tells us? Notice when we are deeply asleep, we are perfectly at peace. It’s only when we wake up the mind starts telling us what it wrong with our lives! So allow that elastic band to come back to its natural resting state and place it in the palm of your hand. This is our true nature. This is peace. This is our natural resting place in peace. This is what truth feels like. This is us in total alignment with our higher self, with our true self. No effort at all!! So simple. So easy. So when you start to suffer and you’re feeling stretched out of place, just remember to think about the elastic band and think about how much more peaceful it is to have it resting in its natural relaxed state. Maybe carry around in elastic band in your pocket and use it as a reminder of when you feel out of shape and when you start believing your stories about yourself. We all need a reminder sometimes that we are actors playing a role in this great theatre of life. But it’s not who we really are. We are eternal love. A spark of the Divine. (Feel free to smile and burst out laughing!) Much love and smiles. Rob xxx 

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