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I spy with my little i, something beginning with I

The great sages like Ramana Maharishi taught a very simple message. That there is One consciousness, One I, but because of the way in which the Ego’s separation software operates, we are confused in thinking the I is just us, our body and mind. We have confused the big I with the little i. And nothing has gone wrong, because we are here on Earth in these bodies to have the experience of believing we are a separate thing in a universe of trillions of seemingly separate things. It’s a wonder to the One, to God, to the Divine, to play hide and seek and see what it’s like to imagine separateness. God is looking through your eyes right now, loving you, loving me and marvelling at all of creation, seen through the binoculars of billions of life forms, know as humans and trillions of life forms, like animals, plants, water, wind and light. Everything is alive. Everything is God. Everything is One. And, because of the time we are experiencing life through, we are remembering this truth. That we are all part of the One. It’s simply the best Homecoming we could ever have wished for. And Home is not in a far off realm, like we might imagine heaven to be. Haven’t you felt home sick sometimes? I know I have. Home is right here, right now. Look around the space you are in. This is Home. The One appearing to be planet Earth, appearing to be your body, your computer, your smart phone, Facebook! Behind every seemingly separate object there is an animating force, an unimaginable intelligence powering it all, making all the atoms and electrons spin in just the right way to produce the illusion of solidness. It’s only because our bodies are vibrating at the same frequency that things appear solid. Everything that appears to be solid is actually 99.999% empty space! So, we are now being given permission by life to remember who and what we really are. Hidden knowledge is being revealed to so many of us. Why? Because it’s a natural part of our evolution to remember. It’s the next stage after the deep forgetting. So back to the opening title of this blog. I spy with my little i, something beginning with I The One is looking through your eyes, your little i, gazing at itself which all begins and ends with the big I !! We have been so brainwashed by our Ego not to see this truth. It takes time and Grace for this realisation to hit home. I won’t pretend for a minute that I experience this non-dual state, like Ramana Maharishi, but sometimes I get a glimpse and uncontrollable laughter pours out of me! It’s like the games up. God loves it when we get the joke! Welcome home tears and laughter often accompany this moment of realisation. Home is always right here and now, in all things, eternally. How wonderful to be remembering this and being able to be a reminderer to you, who are actually me, the One. The big I. Pretending to be trillions of little i’s. I wonder what you will spy today with your amazing I.... Much love Rob xxx ( my temporary little i name!) 

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