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The hot air balloon

Hello friends. My Guides love teaching me using metaphors. I call metaphors ‘vibrational translation devices’ because they are rafts across a river of understanding between the 3D human mind and the 5D realm of love. So this is a recent metaphor about waking up. Old fashioned hot air balloons used to have bags of sand attached to the basket as ballast, in order to keep the balloon from taking off before the balloon pilot was ready. When I look back at the last 8 years, since my ‘nudge awake’ on the M5 motorway in 2011, I can see how I have shifted upwards in stages, as I have let go of stored emotions and beliefs that are not in alignment with the truth of who and what we really are. Let’s start with stored emotions. I had no idea I was holding onto so much anger and sadness. No idea. I never thought of myself of as an angry person and in general I am not, but I had buried a lot of anger during adult years and only realised this once I started seeing a therapist and doing anger release work. I wrote angry letters and then burned them. I bought a baseball bat and hit my sofa cushions with them so hard I thought I might break them! And it felt so good to let this anger out. Like throwing over a sand bag, letting go of this lower frequency energy helped me to feel lighter and my balloon went up. I don’t use terms of ‘negative’ and ‘positive’ emotions because all emotions are welcome and an essential gift in this human experience, but I do see them as lower or higher frequency. I’ve also been storing a lot of sadness and as I wrote about in the last blog, I have been releasing a lot of that sadness this year. It’s been brutal and amazing! Each tear shed, each drop of love that falls to the earth is like another grain of sand falling from the balloon’s sand bags. When we let go, we ascend. Lower vibration energy is dense and heavy. Sadness, anger, guilt, shame, grudges... all very heavy. So bringing love and forgiveness to ‘others’ and self love and self forgiveness to ourselves melts the frozen ice of stored emotions and our balloon goes up. We feel lighter and feel move love. We become more aligned with our true nature and with truth. The higher vibrations of love shake away the untruths. When the light comes on in dark room, the fears in the darkness are exposed as lies and misconceptions. That’s the power of love. Not only are some emotions heavy vibrationally, but the belief in separation is also a heavy weight. Maybe less like a sandbag and more like a series of very thick ropes, tethering us to the ground! Most of us have been programmed to believe in separation, that we are separate bodies in a Universe of trillions of separate things. It’s no-one’s fault. It’s all part of the human experience. Forgetting and remembering. God playing hide and seek with itself. So realising that we are not separate and that we are all part of One amazing energy of love, cuts off those ropes of separation, holding us in the 3D. Chop them off! Set yourself FREE!! So my friends, I encourage you to locate and notice your sandbags of lower frequency stored emotions and LET THEM GO, gracefully, with gratitude and love, but throw them over the side and let your Being rise into the light from which ALL things emanate. And keep cutting the ties that bind you to the illusion that you are anything but MAGNIFICENT multi-dimensional beings of light having a blessed and holy experience. Because when you rise, we all rise, because as you know, we are all ONE! Much love Rob xxx

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