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Droplets of love

Hello friends. I wanted to write about sadness and tears today. Maybe this doesn't sound like the most uplifting of posts, but bear with me!

I am grieving a lot at the moment and never been through a time of such a release of stored sadness. Previous to my ‘nudge awake’ in 2011, I was not someone that ever cried. I didn’t even cry when my father passed away 25 years ago. Something was blocked.

But it isn’t now! Oh my God, I am crying so much and do you know what, it actually feels very liberating - like I am being cracked wide open. My heart is more open than I have ever felt it before. Open, vulnerable and exposed to pain but also very free. I always feel softer once the storm passes..

And as for tears, well I now see them in a whole new light. To me they are droplets of love, little diamonds of love. They show me how much I love. They run down my cheeks as rivers of unconditional love. It’s quite amazing.

And the lesson I am learning at this time is to love without any boundaries. To love without any expectations. To love and not know what the future will bring. To surrender to all outcomes. To love unconditionally.

It’s really challenging at times but I am getting through it. I am doing the work. And this One incredible movement of love is moving even more freely through me. My writing has opened up and I am writing a new children’s story almost every day.

A few days ago I was driving along the road, crying, when I saw a beautiful rainbow. And in that moment it struck me that those beautiful colours were only there because of the combination of the sun (love) shining through the rain (tears). That brought a warm smile to my damp cheeks. Love is reflected in tears and we cry because we love.

So I am celebrating love today and reflecting the love that you are.

- Rob Holmes xxx

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