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Dark night of the soul

Hello friends. Occasionally a new tune comes out and hits me right in my heart and soul. Right now it’s Van Morrison’s new song ‘dark night of the soul’. I have always loved Van the Man and this song perfectly fits what I am experiencing at the moment. A period of my life of intense healing. Maybe it resonates with you too right now? There is a transformation happening through me and those very close to me. It’s so painful, but there is no gain without pain. This is what healing looks and feels like. Lots of tissues needed..... I feel like my heart is being cracked wide open, which is scary but also liberating. I saw this wonderful quote from Martha Beck this week about transformation: “At times when things fall apart around us, the most appropriate response is to disintegrate. Like a caterpillar in its cocoon, we can’t transform without first becoming what I call “bug soup”—the undifferentiated goop of what we have been. The caterpillar doesn’t make it out of the cocoon alive, and you won’t either. Instead, if you trust the part of yourself that knows what the next phase of your life will look like, and take the time to grow into that new self, you will become a thousand times more beautiful… and able to fly. “ So I trust all is well. Surrender is happening. Although I am not sure who is surrendering to what?! Did the caterpillar go into the cocoon saying ‘I surrender?! Don’t think so. It just found itself in there, thanks to an impulse from the Divine. It just feels like the most intelligent and loving force of love is flowing through ‘me’ and all things. It knows. I trust in love. Hope you enjoy the song 😊 Wishing you all a great weekend. Much love. Rob xxx 

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