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The coal and the diamond

Hello friends. Today I felt inspired to write about love.... So my twin flame adventure continues to be a painful one. I think I know why they call it a twin flame because it burns! Fires burn. But it’s got me thinking today about love and that love is like a furnace. Love Burns. But what I seem to be learning is that love burns away that which is not true. Love burns away all of our soot that we have built up in this great adventure of being in a human body, over many lifetimes. Love burns away all the untruths and misconceptions and ignorance about what is really true. I feel like a lump of coal at the moment which is in a furnace and it’s red hot as the soot is burning off but there is a diamond in the centre of the coal. And this diamond is the truth about who and what we really are. It’s our clear light. It’s our connection to all things. It’s our slice of the divine, a spark of God. And for this diamond to be revealed to us it seems to me today that there has to be some kind of fire or trauma or life changing event which causes this process of transformation. And let’s be honest, it’s not entirely pleasant! No one enjoys being burned! Except this is love and in reality we can never be harmed by love, it just illuminates us. There is an eternal light shining forth from the diamond that is inside all of us. Despite the challenges of the last six months I am grateful for this burning off and revealing of what is true. And that realisation is that I already am the love that I’m looking for in others. So many of us hold a torch in our hands in a dark wood and chase the light wherever we see it until that moment comes and it dawns on us that we are holding the torch! We are the source of that light and it was never in anybody else - they only mirror it back to us and reflect back our own divine light. So as one diamond to another diamond reading these words, I honour the Divine in you and I honour your bravery, having this precious human experience and coping with the inevitable soot and layers of coal that cause us to temporarily forget who and what we are. May all beings wake up and remember that they were always this diamond. Wishing you all a good week weekend. Much love. - Rob Holmes Remember who we  

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