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November 2, 2019

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Love Magnets

May 18, 2019


Hello friends. Sorry to have gone a bit quiet on you for the last few weeks. Meeting my twin flame has been so life changing and I am using all available energy to adjust to my new life. It’s a wonderful life for which I am so grateful for. It was a wonderful life before I met my twin flame, but now it’s like I am living in three octaves, instead of one!

So many changes ...

Before I met Rebecca I meditated for an hour a day. I have not meditated at all for the last 5 weeks! This is not to say I wouldn't benefit from taking some quiet time with my eyes closed, but there is more peace in my Being now. My mind is a lot quieter and sometimes I am not thinking anything at all! It’s quite a relief....

And quite often I seem to drop totally out of linear time, proving further to me that linear time is just a trick of the mind. 5 weeks seems like 5 months! 2 hours can pass and it feels like half an hour... we all have moments like this...

Love has no time. It’s eternal. It’s always now. It just is.

The more I understand what this life is, the more I realise how the desires of our souls, operating through our hearts are running the show. We are not in control of anything!!

We love who we love, when we love them, but we can’t turn on this love if it’s not there.. the ‘love magnets’ guide us to the right people at the right time and it’s all for our highest growth and development.

The love magnets between twin flames are so strong that we were always going to meet when the time was right. She was magnetised to move from the north of England to the south of England and even ended looking for houses in the same village as me!! Love magnets.... boom!!

So today I wanted to remind you to be kind to yourself for always doing the best you can, especially in loving others.

We are not in control of our hearts or really anything at all!!!

We can learn (remember) to love ourselves unconditionally and forgive ourselves unconditionally, but maybe all this is also planned out by our souls.

So let go, surrender and go with the Divine flow. And trust the Universe loves us all very much and wants the best for us and to see us all truly remember who and what we really are.

Sparks of the Divine.

It’s all Good.

It’s all God 🙏

Love to all.

Rob xxxx 

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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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