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God’s porthole

Hello friends. Forgive me for using boating terms, but I am spending lots of time on my boat at the moment, so it’s in my blood.

If everything really is ‘God’, the Divine, Spirit, Oneness (whichever name you feel comfortable using) then it struck me this week that as I look out of these eyes it’s ‘God’s porthole’!

God is gazing out of our eyes at . . . well . . . God!

This is one way in which God experiences itself, through our eyes, our ears, our touch, our smell and our taste.

Just stop for a moment and look around wherever you are right now.

Imagine you are a porthole for God, looking at God.

Everything is God.

We are God.

We are in all things.


Look at all the different shapes and forms we can take.

Air, water, dog, cat, sofa, window, tree, computer, smart-phone, mug, pen, table... everything. An infinite number of forms.

How incredible. It's actually quite funny, I think!

Just look at all.

It’s all God in different shapes!

And with this realisation, however brief, even if it’s for a millisecond, we get to experience the truth of who and what we really are.

The part of us that forgot, remembers.

And in this moment, there is no linear time. If you can hear a clock ticking right now, the ticking sound is signalling the same moment, like the second hand never moves. It just ticks . . . now – now – now – now – now.

So my friends, may you take a few moments now and now, to realise that we are God’s porthole, God’s viewing window into this precious, amazing three dimensional learning and growing environment that we call planet Earth.

And gaze in wonder and awe at the sheer loving intelligence that opens flowers, grows trees, mends our wounds and breaths us.

We are this.

Love to you all.

Rob x

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