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My love letter to myself

Good morning friends. A few weeks ago I was having one of those very human days, feeling very heavy, like wading through treacle, emotions all over the place. So I stopped, breathed and wrote a love letter to myself. This is what I wrote ❤️ “I love me. I cherish me. I give myself a hug. I forgive myself. I honour my silliness! I honour my willingness to learn and experience growth, despite the pain. I honour my commitment to the awakening path. I honour my commitment to surrender and trust in life. I don’t need anyone else to complete me - I am already complete. I love my life. I am fearful sometimes but I am always OK and deeply loved and supported. I am so grateful to be having this precious human experience. I remember to smile often and not take life so seriously. Ultimately and in truth, I Am.” It helped. I keep it to hand on my phone if I need a reminder. Maybe it will help you too. Do share if you liked it... Lots of love Rob xxx 

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