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The power of a hug

Hello friends. Today would have been my Dad’s un-birthday, as he was born on a leap year day. He died when he was 51 and today he would still have been a young 18 years old in actual birthdays or 75 in years. I miss his hugs. This is the only photo I know of where he is holding me. It’s a wonderful memory. So today I want to share the quiet beauty and simplicity of a hug. There is so much love conveyed in a silent hug, especially a long held hug. Today is a reminder to me to hug my children every day as if it might be the last time, not though with a feeling of sadness but with immense gladness and gratitude. What a precious and fleeting experience this is, being in a human body on this beautiful watery planet. We did not come here to suffer. We came here to experience and remember the joy of Being, of loving, of laughing, exploring our human emotions and this wonderful Earth. So who can you hug today and transmit your love and appreciation to? And if you are on your own today, then give yourself a hug and send much self-love. (Hand on heart and say ‘I love me’. ) So to my Dad, thank you for being in my life physically for as long as you were. Thank you for still being around in spirit and thank you for being proud of me. I am proud of me too 🙂 Sending you all a long hug today ❤️ Love Rob xxx 

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