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The eternal circle of compassion

Hello friends, here is a little joke to brighten up your day! What do you call a boomerang that doesn’t come back? ... A stick! This had me thinking about the nature of giving, which may be quite apt with Christmas coming up soon. We all know the concept of ‘what you give out, you shall receive’. But it seems to me there is a deeper truth about what happens when you give without any expectation of something coming back. In my experience, it’s when I give my time or money or expertise to others without any expectation of something coming back that the Universe notices and returns the gift in so many unexpected ways. So to follow the rather lame joke at the start, if we throw a boomerang expecting it to come back, it turns into a stick. But if we throw a stick, not expecting it to come back, it magically turns into a boomerang! Giving without any expectation is magical. It’s actually proof we are gifting to another part of ourself. One Self appearing as many selves. The more we give away, the more we have. It’s a paradox that shouldn’t make sense. And yet we gain so much from sharing our gifts, giving our love, our time, our expertise, our kindness and our money, which is actually just a gift token of gratitude. If God or the Universe had a shape, surely it would be a circle, because we are all connected together and everything we give eventually comes back around to the giver. It turns out we are simultaneously the giver and the receiver. It’s an eternal circle of compassion. So let’s all keep practicing throwing glorious sticks and marvel at the unexpected results! Warning: You might need to wear a helmet, as a whole load of boomerangs arrive in your life!! Love to you all. Rob xxx

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