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The belief valve

On the occasions when I am asked to give a public talk about my business experience, I always include a quote from the car innovator Henry Ford who said (and believed)... ‘Whether you believe you can or whether you believe you can’t, you’re right’. Since my nudge awake in 2011 I have come to realise, through direct experience, just how true this statement really is. Our entire reality is governed by what we believe. We create our own reality and experiences through our conditioned belief systems. As babies, we have no belief systems. We are like a computer with basic MS-DOS operating software, which breathes us, mends our wounds and runs our unimaginably complex physical bodies. Then the software starts to get loaded and this is where most people start to move away from the Truth. It’s no-one’s fault, our software programmers (our parents, family and teachers) were only passing on their own software programming. Faulty code gets copied and passed down the generations. This is the software of separation. A belief that we are separate things in a world of seperate objects. A belief that we are actually our bodies. A belief that we are born and that we die. A belief that our thoughts are real. A belief that the source of love is outside of us. A belief that money makes us happy. A belief in scarcity. A belief in seemingly random co-incidences. It’s all a 3D straight-jacket, a mental construct, a limiting box that feels pretty damn awful sometimes, let’s be honest. Like a wheel that’s out of kilter. Like a sick feeling deep inside that somethings not right. No wonder so many feel depressed or suicidal in our modern Western materialist society - that is what being out of alignment with the Truth feels like. So for me, in 2011 on the M5 motorway, my separation software glitched in the most surprising and wonderful way. I had the direct realisation that I was loved beyond my wildest dreams and that I was part of One whole universe. Even though this glitch only seemed to last 20 seconds, it was powerful enough to change my life and open up my belief systems. As spiritual teacher Adyashanti wrote; “Reality is nuclear; it’s incredibly powerful. It’s unimaginably potent. People can experience a flash of reality in the time it takes to snap your fingers, and the energy and the force that enters into them as a result is life altering.” I already believed in telepathy. I already believed that ‘co-incidents’ were not random chance and I already believed that more advanced beings were visiting our planet. But what happened after 2011 is that my ‘belief valve’ opened up with a jolt, which gave me the opportunity to connect up so many seemingly random dots into a model of multidimensional reality. When you open up your mind and widen your belief valve, be prepared for magic!! Myth becomes real, woo-woo becomes true true and the impossible becomes possible. All because WE give it permission to be real. This belief valve is very sensitive and extremely reactive to our thoughts about reality. For example when I went on my first mediumship course last year and started connecting with people’s loved ones in the spirit world, the moment I got a detail wrong (which happens a lot when you are starting out) and I believed I couldn’t hear the spirit world, then the flow of information stopped immediately. My teachers would then say to take a deep breath, take a step forward and say to myself ‘I can do this’ at which point the valve opened again and the information came flooding back in. It was that instant. Simply by allowing it to be real, it was real. So many of us have this software that says ‘I will believe it when I see it’, but the truth of the way reality works is the opposite . . . ‘I will see it when I believe it’. So harden skeptics get the experience they believe in and will use all the mental tricks available to keep life within their conceptual framework of reality. Let the skeptics and cynics be. It’s not anyone’s job to convince them they are wrong or right, it’s just the experience they want to have in each moment. Every experience is valid. Who are we to judge? Plus deep forgetting can lead to deep remembering! (And it’s healthy to maintain a little skepticism and use discernment when presented with other people’s beliefs. Best to use your own direct data than rely on other’s peoples data). When you have an open mind, the belief valve is open enough to allow little miracles and magic to be noticed. I say ‘noticed’ because they were happening all the time, but we just didn’t notice them or recognise them for what they are. We are being helped, loved, supported and nudged all the time by what I call our ‘team unseen’. So my friends, as a reminderer, I am reminding you that you create your own reality and that if you want to experience first-hand the multi-dimensional universe that we appear to appear in, open up your belief valve and hold onto your hats! Everything is possible and everything is happening, if you believe it is! In this multi-dimensional magic show, you are the projector and the screen and we are all illuminated by the same One light. Love to you all. Xxx - Rob Holmes

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