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Already All Ready

Hello friends, if linear time really is an illusion and what we call the past and future are all happening in one simultaneous moment of eternal no-time, then in this present moment we can change the ‘past' and the ‘future’, simply by re-imaginging them!

We can change the past by being grateful for all the events that we have experienced and all the people we have met; not only for the great times and the enjoyable moments but more importantly for the times when life was a major challenge.

If we can forgive those people that caused us to feel hurt, angry and sad, knowing in our hearts that they were doing the best they could, based on their own wounds and life experiences, then we change the past because we change our relationship to the past which we hold in this present moment.

With hindsight and loving kindness, it turns out these people were actually suffering greatly and willing to help us to learn lessons about ourselves. There is always a silver lining to the cloud, if we stop to notice it. This forgiveness for others and for ourselves changes the past, makes the present moment so much lighter, giving us more space and freedom AND creates a new possibilities in the future.

As for the future, well what do you want to happen?!

Remember that if you think a lot about what you don’t want to happen (fear-based), the Universe will only hear you asking for these things to happen. It doesn't hear the word ‘don’t’. As you visualise and imagine what you don’t want to happen, this future is being created for you, so be very careful what you give your attention and energy to!

So visualising and imagining what you would like to happen in the ‘future’ (love-based) is a great start, but you can go one step further - thanking the Universe for these things already happening! This makes the wish so much more powerful.

Your intentions get the rocket onto the launch platform, but your gratitude for it already happening provides the rocket fuel to power your dreams into reality.

So here is what I am thanking the Universe today for already arranging for me to experience!

"Thank you for already giving me the chance to buy some amazing land and open my ‘Centre for Awakening’ retreat centre. Thank you for already giving all those people who attend the courses such a life-changing experience. Thank you for already helping turn my ‘guru who flew - Master Owl' into an animated cartoon for children, available around the world thanks to the wonder of the internet. Thank you for already helping me to meet up with my wonderful partner, who I already love very much and who already loves me too.”

Already. Already. It’s all already happening.

Say this to yourself:

I am all ready for wonders, gifts and abundance to flow into my life.

I am all ready to allow these wonderful experiences.

I am all ready to forgive myself and others.

I am all ready to honour all emotions.

I am all ready to open my heart.

I am all ready to be of service.

I am all ready to be sent where I am needed.

I am all ready to wake up and remember who I really am.

Join me in being already all ready :)

Lots of love

Rob xxx

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