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Hello friends. So today is the 49th anniversary of this body I am experiencing life through. 49 years ago Neil and Buzz were using up the last of their landing fuel to land safely on the moon and at the same time, my Mother gave birth to me :) When I have to select my birth year on the drop down selectors on websites, I scroll back through the 2000s, the 90s, the 80s, the 70s to reach 1969 and I always think to myself, wow, those 49 years are such a very short space of time, not even a blink of the eye for a Universe that is billions of years old. And yet I am amazed at what I have learned and experienced in this brief amount of Earth time. Being in a human body provides such a very rich and rewarding experience. So today on this 'Earth Birth Day' I wanted to share with you my thoughts and experiences about SURRENDER & FLOW. I officially surrendered to life at 5pm on 2nd April 2018. By this I mean ‘I’, the ‘me’ who I thought I was, collapsed like a puff of smoke on this day and any (futile) attempts to control my life, the lives of others or anything else in the Universe ended. Quite a sense of relief. “Dear Universe, Dear God – I surrender fully and totally. Aim me where I am needed. I trust this Divine Flow.” Since this day, all sorts of crazy and amazing events have been occurring... - A 60 foot boat found me and I bought her! Partly to have fun with my family but also to be a venue for retreats in 2019. (On the trip down from Scotland to Devon, I was joined by a pod of dolphins – what an incredible sight – see video just posted). - Plus, some woodland also found me and I am hoping to buy this land in the coming months. So this is the start then of my next venture (ad-venture), providing amazing spaces and opportunities for people to come from all over the world to attend spiritual courses, live on the land, be peaceful and above all, remember who they really are. It’s exciting. I feel like I am blind-folded in a little boat with no oars, drifting calmly down a river. There is some trepidation, yes, but I trust this flow. A good friend suggested I would enjoy reading ‘The Surrender Experiment’ by Michael A. Singer. I really recommend it too. Michael tells a good story – one from living in a shed in the woods to running a billion dollar software company! It’s the story of what happens when someone truly surrenders to life. No fighting reality. Total acceptance. This doesn’t mean that the little voice in our heads shuts up! No, it’s got a lot to say about life. However, there is an opportunity and a choice to thank it for it’s concern, send it love, give it a hug, then go with the Flow. Who are we really? We are simply the awareness that is aware of that worried, judging internal voice, aware of this body, aware of all creation. What a remarkable discovery to make . . . . . and this awareness, this aliveness is in all things. We are in all things. So I invite you to look at what you are resisting and in resistance too, to see what virtual dams you are powering and what you are holding back from flowing to you. The water behind a dam can often be quite stagnant, full of sludge, like suppressed emotions, fears, the need to be loved and accepted by others. But friends, what clear and vibrantly alive waters are just waiting to flow into your lives once you surrender!! Yes it takes courage, but it’s worth it. Flow knows. Trust it. (and hold onto your hats!!!) - Rob Holmes 

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