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The Centre for Love and Light - Atlanta

Hello friends. I have just returned from my third annual pilgrimage to Atlanta, USA to see my friends at the Centre for Love and Light.

As always, it was an incredible, mind-blowing and life-changing visit. I had readings with Jamie Butler, Darshana Patel and Laura Boone. They truly are three of the most gifted psychic mediums alive on the planet today. Not only that, but they are all such big hearted, wonderful lighthouses, shining brightly.

These three readings helped me join up about 6 years worth of dots and I am so grateful to really know what I am here to do and how I am going to show up in world over the coming years.

I highly recommend readings with them and with Jamie and Laura, these can be done over the phone or skype:

Jamie Butler:

Laura Boone:

I also really recommend you subscribe to the Lighter Side Network, which has a huge wealth of interviews covering almost every spiritual subject you could imagine.

I was fortunate to be asked to appear on two Lighter Side Network shows with Jamie and these will be uploaded to the website in early July. In one session I am interviewed by a beautiful Being called Maitland and in the other, I am interviewing another wonderful Being called Grace. Jamie trance-channels Maitland and Grace. If you haven't seen this done before, do check it out because these non-physical Beings are so full of love and wisdom. Maitland helps me to write the children's books, like 'The Little Drop of Water'.

So watch this space over the coming year for my news, which will include buying land and setting up a retreat centre in South Devon. There will be also be a water-based retreat experience, but more about that later in the year!

Exciting times . . . I just need to keep remembering to breath and pace myself. Everything is all unfolding with such Grace.

Trust the Flow.

Flow Knows.

Love and light to you all.

Rob xxx

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