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Thank This for This

Words are so limited. They limit reality to concepts. Words are buggers. Words are liars. But words can also be a sign post to truth and freedom. Words can have great power imbued within them. Words can be like keys to unlock doors we didn’t even know we had. Perhaps Grace is the locksmith. So how do I say ‘thank you God for everything’ and speak the truth? Where is the ‘I’ that speaks the words? Where is the ‘you’ I am thanking? ‘You’ suggests there is a ‘me’, thanking ‘you’, God. But there is only me. There is only God. In a way God is thanking God! (No better love than self-love!) If any words were needed at all, the best combination I’ve found so far is.. ‘Thank This for This’. There is only This! Doesn’t even seem to be a That. To be a That, over there, means there is a me, over here. But there is only This. This body. This awareness. This family. This experience. This planet. This Universe. This dimension. This wonderful expression of divinity. This truly precious life. Simply This. Just look at This, all around. Forget every word you’ve ever been taught. Remove every label. Delete every concept. Just look at This. Feel This. Smell This. Touch This. Taste This. Sense This. This is all there is. This is it. Wow. Deep gratitude. - Rob Holmes

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