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The Theme Park

Imagine finding yourself at the entrance to the most amazing theme park of your life.

You are standing at the gates feeling a mixture of trepidation and excitement.

Then it’s suddenly your turn and you are let in. You are given a map of the park, but no other instructions. So what do you do next?

Some people head to the restaurant located just inside the Park entrance, to get a drink, sit down and take a good look at the map.

Some people take a look at all the experiences available in the Park, the roller-coasters, the adventure rides, the simulation rides and a massive fear arises in them. Their ancient survival instinct kicks in, so they put the map back down and order another drink.

Some people don’t even look at the map, they just run into the Park and jump on the largest roller-coaster they can find and scream themselves silly! We all know people like that!

Some people spend a little time looking over the map, finish their drink and then steadily head into the Park and sample some of the less adventurous rides first, the nature trail, the children’s rides.

At the end of a very long day, everybody has to exit the Park and they all have different stories to tell and adventures to share with their friends and family.

But in the restaurant, some people never left their chair and table.

They played it safe.

It was all they could cope with. It was the right decision for them. No judgement here.

However, as they walked out into the evening air, they were shocked when they saw and heard the excited buzz coming from all the other people leaving the Park.

People were tired, but full of life, recounting the best bits and the scariest bits of the rides they went on. Not only did they survive the day, they had the time of their lives! They ran out of data-cards trying to store all the memories and adventures...

So, my dear friends, does this Theme Park sound at all familiar?!

You may know it by a different name.

It’s called Earth.

I am reading a wonderful book at the moment called ‘A year to live’ by Stephen Levine. What would do if you knew you only had 365 days before you left your body? It’s a really good thought exercise and this is why Stephen wrote the book, even if we find out on day 366 that we had longer than a year to live! Many of us will not have that long. We just don’t know. It’s not in our hands. Never was.

So reading this book my Guides gave me this metaphor of the Theme Park. I thought about how easy it is not to overcome our fears of living and dying and spend our human lives ‘playing it safe’, in the equivalent of the restaurant near the entrance of the Theme Park.

It really struck me that I didn’t want to be one of those people who left the restaurant just before closing time and saw the expressions on the faces of people who had spent their day exploring all the different areas of the Theme Park, hearing all their excitement, telling their stories.

Let’s face it, from a human life, many parts of our lives feel like a roller-coaster ride. We all spend many years in the ‘Being a child’ zone, where (if we are lucky) we are escorted around by a kind Parent guide, who mainly seem to take us were they want to go!

We all get to spend time in the ‘Relationships’ zone. This really is a roller-coaster ride of emotions. Perhaps the scariest ride of all! But also so rewarding and life-affirming.

The ‘Being a Parent’ zone is an on-going adventure for me. I think this should be linked to the ‘Education’ zone, because the learning never stops.

I also love the ‘Nature’ zone, because this amazing and beautiful planet constantly leaves me breathless with wonder.

But at the end of the day, we all have to leave our bodies and Earth.

We never know when the Park will close.

So I have made a commitment today to make the most of every precious moment, to do the things I have been thinking I will do one day in the future.

To remember who and what I really am.

To remember to live in a state of gratitude.

To remember to say sorry to anyone I have upset.

To remember to forgive myself for any ‘mistakes’ I might have made in the past.

To remember and know that in every moment I always did the best I could, based on what I believed and what I could cope with.

To remember to give unconditional forgiveness to myself and others.

EVERYONE is doing the best they can, based on what they are conscious of, what they have remembered about their True nature and what they could cope with.

I want to leave this incredible theme park called Earth, with a wide smile on my face and tears running down my cheeks with such gratitude and joy for this greatest of adventures.

What a priceless opportunity each of us is given to experience life through these miraculous human bodies.

And guess what? The True essence of us, the memory of all these adventures, all the people we have loved, all the places we have visited, all the sunsets we have watched, all the pets we have cuddled, all the laughter, all the tears . . .

These experiences never die.

‘We’ never die.

God/ the Universe is the ultimate, eternal and limitless data card!!

So we exit the Theme Park and head Home for a good rest.

And then maybe we might want to have some more adventures again! The choices of theme parks is endless...

Maybe we realise Earth linear time is an illusion and that we are already having so many adventures, all at the same time . . . But that’s a topic for another blog ;)

Love and blessings.

Enjoy the ride.

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