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Unplugging the Ego’s power cable

The Ego isn’t real. This sense of being a separate body in a world of separate things is not true. But how do we see this trick for what it really is? A trick of the mind. Well the first step is simply to stop and notice. Noticing is your ticket to freedom. Noticing isn’t freedom itself but it does open the door to freedom. Notice how the Ego operates . . . Any thought that arises which judges others for what they say, what they look like, what clothes they wear, what car they drive. Any thought that arises that suggests you are not good enough, not lovable enough, too fat, too thin, too broke, too rich, too weird. That is the Ego believing a set of thoughts which arise and pass by, thanks to generations and lifetimes of conditioning and programming. In a way the Ego is like one of those giant electro-magnets that picks up scrap cars at the breakers yard. Except the cars are thoughts, which the Ego latches onto and believes are true! How many metal objects are currently stuck on your magnet?! How many completely untrue thoughts are believed and acted upon? This is such a ‘normal’ part of human existence we simply don’t notice this process occurring. So your ticket to freedom is to NOTICE! What happens if you pull the power cable on this big Ego magnet?! The thoughts still arise of course, but now there is less attraction, less pull, less belief in these thoughts. Soon the thoughts just pass by, like clouds in a clear blue sky. Once the power has been pulled on the Ego, we are on our way to freedom. It’s the doorway to peace, to truth of who and what we really are. Stop, notice, breath, relax and rest in the Presence. We all have it. It’s just waiting to be noticed, waiting to be remembered. It’s our natural resting place, our default setting before the software of separation was downloaded. May you re-discover this truth for yourself. It’s a beautiful Home-coming. Even though in truth we never left Home :) - Rob Holmes  

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