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Just passing through

I was walking through this field earlier in the week with the dogs on their leads, due to all the sheep and lambs. The Mummy sheep looked worried to see the dogs and started to back away. So I said to them... ‘there is nothing to worry about, we are just passing through’. As I said these words I realised a deeper truth. A smile. Peace. At a deep, fundamental level, there is nothing to worry about. That which we really are cannot be altered or effected by anything external, anything ephemeral that comes and goes, that rises and falls. We are just passing through, like a wave that moves across the surface of the ocean. In these amazing human forms we are just passing through this world for a few short years. Visitors to a strange, wonderful and yes, at times, painful planet. And yet I feel there is no ‘just’ about it. We are not just passing through. The word ‘just’ does not even begin to convey the majesty, wonder and miracle of experiencing through this body of flesh and bones. What a complete privilege it is to be passing through. Oh My God! Take a moment to stop and notice. Take a deep breath in and out. Feel the energy of life tingling in your hands. Notice a flower. Really be with that expression of consciousness we call a flower. We are this. Know we are Presence. We were and always will be this Presence. We are in all things. There is nothing to worry about. This is a Holy passing by. An eternal Holy moment in and as the peace that passes all understanding. Amen. - Rob Holmes

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