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The Still Point

Do you remember those old fashioned merry-go-rounds with the horses? Some fairgrounds still have them.

Sitting on the horses, you go up and down and round and round.

Life can feel very much like this, with moods, emotions and events taking us up and down all the time. Just when you think life is all calm, something happens out of the blue and off we go again. It can leave you feeling dizzy, this human drama roundabout of life.

But . . .

Did you ever stop to notice that the middle section of the merry-go-round doesn’t move, it doesn’t go around, it’s totally still, totally fixed in position?

In recent weeks I have come to recognise and experience that there is a part of ‘me’ that is totally still, totally silent, totally peaceful. It’s unaffected by anything external to ‘me’, to any drama, any events or stories.

It’s just totally unchangeable, unmovable, unshakable, some how inert to drama. Like the deepest part of the ocean is unaffected by any storms or waves on the surface.

This Still Point is at the centre of our Being. It’s nothing new. It didn’t come from anywhere. No-one gives it to us. It’s always been there, waiting to be re-discovered.

It’s our true nature, it’s what we really are, before all the stories, the names, the labels, the drama and before the merry-go-round of messy human life.

Life is still going on of course, the world keeps on turning, but when viewed from this eternally still place, life ‘out there’ takes on a totally different fragrance. This is not to say I feel disconnected or more distant from life, on the contrary, life seems more amazing and miraculous.

This Still Point is within you, right now. It’s who you really are.

To re-discover it, take three really deep breaths, settle into your body (I like to think about my hands until they tingle!) and in between your breaths and in between any thoughts which pass by, see if you can experience this still, silent, peaceful place. It’s nothing flashy. It’s not mystical. It’s just very normal and natural.

If at first you don’t seem to experience this Still Point, keep practicing. Most people have forgotten it even exists.

I wish for all Beings to make this discovery, to remember who and what they really are.

If I am anything, maybe I am a ‘Reminderer’.

Love and blessings to you.


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