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‘That Thou Art’

‘That Thou Art’

God creates through us. God paints through us.

To directly experience this now, read these words and then close your eyes.

Do you see that inky black canvas? It’s the canvas of infinite possibility. It might seem dark, but it’s actually pregnant with potential.

God is getting ready to paint. I wonder what will appear?

But before you open your eyes, feel the quality of this dark canvas.

Take three really good deep breaths, letting out the air as slowly as you can. Feel your shoulders sink down with each out breath. Can you feel the peaceful silence?

Take your time. Feel the Presence.

This is what you are before thought, before form, before concepts, before stories, before painting.

Limitless possibilities, unlimited potential. No-thing that becomes every-thing. This is our true nature.

So your paint brush is saturated with consciousness. Now open your eyes. Look at this remarkable three dimensional painting all around you. God paints quickly!

God paints the world into existence through you, as you, through all of us. 'We' are the painter, the brush, the paints and the canvas.

What a masterpiece. What a complete miracle. What a wonderful mystery.

And if sometimes the painting looks strange or upsetting or scary or uncomfortable, just close your eyes and there you will rediscover the inky black, silent, peaceful canvas of unlimited potential that is who you truly are.

Smile into that. Breath into that.

Welcome Home.

(Painting credit: Winter Sparkle by Megan Duncanson)

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