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Hello friends. Last night I was watching the full moon in all it’s glory when something unexpected happened. A cloud in the shape of an oyster drifted over the moon and for a few moments there sat in the middle of the oyster a perfect sparkling pearl. Then the cloud moved by and the pearl dropped out of the oyster. I was spell-bound! It reminded me to thank the grain of sand, the grit that made it possible for the pearl to grow. Human beings have a lot of grit to deal with! Life throws everything at us - loss, heartbreak, death, illness... But the symbology of the oyster reminds us that without the grit, the pearl could not exist and without all the challenges we face in life, we would not have the opportunity to grow into something very beautiful. A chance to see the world in all it’s pearl-essence. A chance to be re-born into the highest expression of Divine beauty. So have gratitude for the grit in your life because it’s precisely because of all our flaws and mistakes that we are given the opportunity to wake up to our True nature and incorporate the dark and light as part of the All. Therefore on this Easter Sunday I am wishing you all much peace, re-birth and renewal. May your pearl continue to grow and keep sparkling as it catches the light. Love, Rob xxx Ps. I didn’t manage to photograph the oyster cloud, as I was quite rightly too busy being amazed by it!

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