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The pretend steering wheel!

One of my favourite metaphors is that if our bodies are the car, then we are the driver and when the car can’t be mended anymore and it wears out, then we get out of the car. This metaphor has a use to start the understanding of being ‘separate’ from the body and what happens when our body ‘dies’. Most humans are so conditioned into believing they are their bodies and that this sense of ‘I’ in somewhere in the body.

But in recent days I now have a feeling that we are not even the drivers, in the sense that we as an Ego are not driving the car at all, even though we love to think we are in control! So much of our lives are driven by sub-conscious conditioning and karmic winds, blowing us from situation to situation, relationship to relationship, so in the end it’s really Divine Will which is driving us. So in a sense, with innocence, we are like the child in this photo with the pretend steering wheel, imagining we are driving the car, believing we are in control of the direction of our lives, when actually there is a loving, guiding force running the show. The ego might not like to hear this! I am practicing surrender every day! Sure, I still like to pretend my plastic steering wheel is real and enjoy turning it left and right, but really it’s just an illusion. Do I as an ego have ‘free will’? Maybe the only part of us that really has free will is the part of that’s actually totally free, that lives in total freedom, the Divine part of us that expresses itself through our human experience. Who am I really, believing I am in control of life? What am I really? It’s not me breathing my lungs, it’s not me mending a cut on my hand, it’s not me regulating my body temperature. It’s all being taken care of.... This is the journey of self-discovery and so far I have discovered that I need to unlearn everything I thought I understood about the universe and being a human and surrender to the complete blooming mystery of life! Fortunately I love mystery, magic and adventures... - Rob Holmes 

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