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Spring is here...

The whole human race has been in hibernation for long enough now... like the bears in spring, it’s time to wake up out of hibernation and remember who and what we really are. It’s time to move to the next stage of the remembering/forgetting game - the remembering part! So to all the bears who are stirring in their caves and coming around, welcome back. Time to stop dreaming and time to integrate the nightmares - the illusion of separation takes us all to dark places, to dark caves where we feel abandoned. But, and this is the absolutely wonderful news, we were never abandoned. Our divine spark was always there shining like a diamond, twinkling in the darkness, just like the stars do in the night sky. It’s time, my friends, to stir ourselves and blink into the sunlight once more. The great Spring of humankind is here. Thank God for that... - Rob Holmes  

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