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We are the Ocean

So, one wave doesn’t like the other wave. It’s an old story. It blames the other wave for the reason it is feeling sad and angry. So for a while the storm rages and the waves go up and down and there is lots of froth and spray. But eventually the storm subsides, the waves get smaller and return back into the ocean. Of course the waves were always part of the ocean, but in the middle of the storm they had forgotten this. Remembering this brings peace, once again. But even in the height of the storm there was a calm place in the ocean, deep down, untouched by the noise on the surface. Can we remember this, can we touch into this place of peace? We can if we make sure we take some deep breaths, close our eyes and take the deep drop into the peace that is always there, that holds us in every moment and never judges the foam and spray on the surface. That passes, it changes, it’s always moving but the ocean is always present. Unmoving, timeless, formless, infinite, full of wonder and mystery. So if you are feeling like a wave today and the storm is raging, just stop, breath and drop. The ocean holds us all. We are the ocean. - Rob Holmes 

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