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The mirror to freedom

Here is a fun exercise for seekers of truth and freedom. Imagine a mirror on the wall in front of you with a nice chunky wooden frame. You may have one just like this. Stand in front of the mirror and what do you see looking back at you? Who is that? What is that? ‘It is me’, you might say, but is that really true? It’s just a reflection of your face. It might as well be a photograph or a painting. Is a photograph or a painting of you actually you? Surely It’s just an idea, a thought, a concept, a snap shot, a freeze-frame of an ever changing part of life. Now imagine taking the mirror off the wall, removing the mirror part and so you are left with just the wooden frame, no backing, just a square frame of wood. Imagine taking this empty frame outside and hold it in front of you. Who do you see now? Where have you gone? You cant’t see yourself anymore. In a way ‘you’ have disappeared but yet ‘you’ are still aware of the view through the frame. ‘You’ have disappeared but the awareness remains. What are you aware of, looking through this empty frame? What is looking back at you? Are you really separate from what you are aware of? Who are we if we disappear? What are we if we disappear? What is left? What remains? Are we ready to not see our reflection in the mirror? Maybe the Ego is not ready to die just yet. That’s OK. No right and wrong. Just a invitation to freedom, an open doorway to truth. When we are ready, I believe we will all enter through this doorway and then we will have remembered who and what we really are. I wish this for all humans :) “What does God look like when he wants to look like something? He looks like you, without the Ego.” Mooji - Rob Holmes 

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