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Your Team Un-Seen

Many of you reading these words will be well aware of how you are being helped by a Team mostly un-seen (some people can see their Guides), who nudge us, guide us, support us, gently direct us and above all love us just as we are. Our Team Un-seen doesn’t need you to believe in them. They know who they are! The question is, do we know who we really are?! Well, many of us are beginning to remember and are waking up. Hooray :) If you are reading this posting then the chances are you are remembering too, starting to remember or just have a strong feeling that there is more to this three-dimensional existence than we’ve been told! It starts like an itch and it won’t go away. So in this moment, if you feel it’s right, how about taking three good deep in and out breaths and then say thank you to your Team Un-seen. Thank you for all the nudges, the downloads, the guidance, the winks of synchronicities and the unconditional love. I think of my Team as a golden circle of light, which I am intrinsically part of. I have names for some of my Team but names are not really important - it’s just a human mind habit of wanting to give everything a label! We are all so wonderfully and magically supported, all of the time. Sure, they let us make ‘mistakes’ and allow us to get in an awful mess sometimes, but they do this because they love us so much and respect our opportunities for learning, experience and growth. Do you run ahead and remove every cow pat from a field your shoeless toddler is about to run through or do you give them welly boots and let them run wherever! Sure, there will be some shit to clear up at the end of the walk, but lots of lessons learned and experiences had. So I think our Team Un-seen are like wise parents, reminding us to put on our welly boots and just to keep going, keep walking, keep moving forward. Wishing you well today on your Earth walk. However dirty your boots are at the end of the day, clean them off, keep going, keep remembering who you really are and give thanks to your own Team Un-Seen. They love you so much. - Rob Holmes 

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