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What movie are you projecting?

Most people know how a movie projector works, right? When it’s switched off there is no image, nothing. Then a light comes on and in the old days, it shone through frames of film. Nowadays, the light shines through some clever bit of digital technology but the result is the same – the illusion of a moving image projected onto a screen.

There are 3 components to this process and let’s go with the old fashioned projectors with film, as it’s easier to imagine.

1. The light bulb. 2. The film. 3. The screen.

All very simple.

But have you ever stopped to realize that we are also projectors? Bear with me friends. This metaphor could change your perception of life forever. It's only when we stop to really notice what is going on that we can see life in whole new light.

Every single thing we perceive is a projection of our beliefs and attitudes, which in effect creates and colours our film. In effect we are creating, producing and starring in our own movie!

Let's say someone believes the following:

"I am not good enough. I am not lovable. I can never forgive people who have hurt me. The world is cruel. There is never enough of anything. If I had more money I would be happy. My life will get better in the future. My body is the wrong shape. People are out to take advantage of me. My Ex owes me all the money I lent him. When you die, that's it. I will never see my loved ones again."

Then all these beliefs are projected onto the screens of our lives and every external event or person we interact with is coloured by these beliefs, whether we realize it or not.

But once we notice that we are responsible for projecting our beliefs, then we have a choice to CHANGE THE FILM!

So reverse the above set of beliefs to these...

"I am good enough. I love myself. I forgive myself and others. The world is beautiful. I believe in abundance. This present moment is amazing. I have the perfect body for me. People are generally very kind and want to help others. If my Ex does ever pay me back, then I know it was a loan, otherwise it was a gift. One day my body will 'die' but the true essence of me is eternal. I will be reunited with my loved ones."

Now this is very different movie and it totally changes your experience of life. Two people can look at the exact same set of external events with the polar opposite of perspectives.

You may have heard about the story of the bank robbery. One bank customer gets shot in the leg by the robbers and spends time in hospital but lives. With the first movie film playing, this customer thinks..." Trust my bad luck to get shot. I was the only person injured. Why do bad things always happen to me. I've missed 4 weeks of being at work. I couldn't even drive for 2 weeks. I hate my life!"

But with the second movie playing, this is what that same customer might think... " How lucky am I that I was only shot in the leg and survived. How fortunate a child didn't get shot or killed. I've loved having time off work and reconnecting with my family. It was amazing how many people helped me get around. I love my life!"

So what film are you projecting?

Is it a sad victim movie or an exciting adventure movie?

Change the film. Change your life.

And I've saved the best bit for the end :)

What is powering the light-bulb for our projectors? What is this energy that keeps us alive, that breaths us as we sleep, that mends our bodies when we're unwell? Well, it's the same loving energy that moves the planets around the universe and makes all things possible.

The light of 'God' shines though all of us, whether we remember this or not, the light is always there. Without it, we would not be having this incredible human experience. And when we change our beliefs we literally lighten the film, allowing more light to shine through, because it's us who limit the amount of light that gets through, simply as a result of what we believe.

So my fellow projectors, if your film is a bit dark sometimes, then remember you can change it for a lighter, brighter more translucent film and let more light shine through every cell in your body, beaming out more love to the world.

In this mini multiplex of you, why show a sad movie when you can show a comedy!

- Rob Holmes

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