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God in different shapes

Everything we see around us is all built from the same fundamental building blocks. A wonderful loving energy is powering it all. This energy, this magical vibration is what many of us call God (or Source or the Divine or the Universe). So that means then that everything is God, including us humans. But it's not easy to see this in our everyday lives, especially if we watch the news programmes! I mean, can all those people who do unkind and horrid things to others still be God? My answer is yes, but they have forgotten and are simply unconscious at this moment to the truth. Love them anyway. So I have a little trick I wanted to share with you that I use to help me see the world in a different way. In various locations around the world there are 'Legolands' where whole areas of these theme parks are built from Lego blocks. This results in so many different shapes and structures, but fundamentally they are just blocks of Lego. So I look around and think about everything I see as just being God in different shapes. Billions and billions of different shapes, sounds and colours and each building block of life is made of love. Some shapes forget this and some shapes just know. Some shapes, like me and probably you too, are beginning to remember again and that, my friends, is a beautiful thing :)

- Rob Holmes  

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