How to make a yin-yang smoothie!

Select all your favourite light ingredients, such as love, peace, happiness, contentment, compassion, gratitude and abundance. Then select your not so favourite darker ingredients, such as fear, jealousy, not feeling good enough, anger, grief and sadness. Then start to blend all the ingredients gently together and remember that you are experiencing life through this human body, with all the range of human emotions. Let all the ingredients be present, without judgement. And as you keep gently blending, around and around, feel the love lightening your smoothie, soothing your smoothie, integrating and accommodating All There Is. In truth we are that wonderful blend of light and dark, yin and yang, male and female, up and down, right and wrong.... Embrace it all. Smile. Relax. Deep breath in. Slow breath out. You are ready to enjoy being a super smoothie, blended to perfection :) Xxx - Rob Holmes

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