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Letting go

This morning I have been watching the leaves falling in my garden. Some let go because they are ready. Others seem nervous but then a gust comes and they give up holding on. The Autumn or Fall reminds us a number of important lessons and truths. First, those golden leaves are a reminder to be grateful for the miraculous birth we had in the spring and for the joy of the warm summers. Grateful for our community of friends and fellow leaves that we hang out with. Second, we are asked to confront our fears and to let go. To TRUST that we are always safe, loved and cared for. Surrender is not easy but the potential rewards are enormous - total freedom. Like the leaves falling onto the grass, it's not the end, just a transition to new chapter, a chance to rest over the winter and be reborn in the spring. Not to be the exact same leaf again. Maybe a worm, maybe a bird, maybe a tree or a butterfly? And for us, we are always being called to let go of things that no longer serve us, fears, guilt, self-doubt, physical stuff in our homes. Letting go and trusting is an act of self love. So when you next see a golden leaf falling from an autumnal tree, remember to be grateful for all that you are, all that you have experienced and all that you have right now... and let go of what no longer serves you. Trust you are always loved and cared for. By shedding that which we no longer need, we make way for new growth, as every gardener knows. Wishing you all a happy Autumn and Fall. Love from me. Xx PS. This advice is mostly for me but I like to share it anyway, in case it's helpful for others. I lost a good friend this week to suicide and it's not been an easy week working through the sadness and anger that he didn't keep going. However, the leaves today remind me to let go and trust that nothing has gone wrong, that my friend needed to leave his body and that his journey of self-discovery and learning continues as if the pen never left the paper. A continuous line of eternal life. RIP John. Love you always, but you know that. - Rob Holmes  

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