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Life is continuous...

Hello friends.

Believing we are only a body causes a lot of unnecessary suffering. We all know a body 'dies' one day, so logically that means we 'die' too. But in my experience, we are so much more than our physical bodies and the real us never dies. It's just not possible. Eternal life is a standard feature, not an optional extra.

If our bodies were simply a car that we drive around in, then when the car, the body is done, we the drivers, get out! We don't stay in the body. Once the life force has gone, we can't stay in the body. The power goes out and it's time to fully return Home, although I believe only a very small percentage of what we really are is in our bodies. Imagine plugging a single light bulb into 1,000,000 volts - it wouldn't go well for the bulb! Luckily we get just the right amount of power from Source to sustain us.

Anyway, I was trying to think of an analogy/metaphor for all this and the image of the puppeteer came to mind. Imagine one of those shows with a single puppeteer hidden out of view with each hand playing a different puppet. The illusion is of two separate characters having a separate experience from each other. But actually they are just roles and imaginary characters all created by one person making the puppets work.

When were the puppets born and when did they die? The question can't really be answered. At one moment they appeared into view, played out their roles and then disappeared again, but the puppeteer is always there - his role is continuous. I see our souls like this, taking on many different characters (like puppets) to learn lessons and have many different experiences on the Earth plane. We are all actors on a gigantic stage.

To make the experiences and lessons more real, we forget about the puppeteer and actually believe we are a separate character in a world of separate objects. But do you see the great cosmic joke - it's all just us, witnessing and interacting with ourselves! We are in an intimate relationship with ourselves, with all there is.

Maybe 'God' is the ultimate puppeteer except we are all given free will to have whatever life we want. We get to choose. Thankfully no one is pulling our strings - we pull our own strings based on what we believe.

So take heart Dear Ones. Enjoy the show and make the most of this precious life. Don't put off doing the things you long for the most. Look into the eyes of others and you will see yourself reflected back, because in truth there are no others, it's all just us.

- Rob Holmes

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